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Rock climbing
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Play with the grip on smooth plates, fit in dihedrals and chimneys, enjoying to put hands and feet on the rock trying to conquer height . With a rope and a body harness you can spend lovely days under the summer sun or in the middle of vernal scents or warm colours of autumn woods. In case of bad weather, you can use our great artificial wall climbing that are very popular in our valley.

Rock climbing day
Period: from April to November
Duration: from 9.00 to 16.00

Special course for kids
Specific programme to have fun and spend beautiful days outdoor.
3 group trip (min. 4 persons)

Approaching course
To all who would like to try the great feelings that this sport can give.
4 group trip (min. 4 persons)

Specialization course
To the persons who have already practiced this sport and would like to specialize their skills and increase their level from the level of progression to the use of support.
4 group trip (min. 4 persons)

Rock climbing Week or Weekend
In the several cliffs of the valleys or in other beautiful area (Arco, Finale, Verdon, Calanques, Sardinia, etc.).
Period: from April to November

1 – 4 PERSONS : € 400,00

1 – 2 PERSONS : € 280,00
3 PERSONS  :  € 95,00 each
4 PERSONS :€ 75,00 each

2 HOURS OF ROCK CLIMBING  (from 4 pm on) :
1 – 2 PERSONS : € 100,00
3 PERSONS  :  € 45,00 each
4 PERSONS : € 40,00 each


1 - 4


From April to November


The provision for the mountain guide , technical material supply (except climbing shoes), professional insurance

Not included

Eventual transfer