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The number of “uncontrolled” (off-piste) skiers is continually on the increase but sadly there is still not enough vital and basic information on how to freeride safely. In view of this lack of information, we have set up a Safety Clinic program which aims to teach Freeride and ski touring enthusiasts the essential safety rules to follow, giving course participants the chance to acquire specific knowledge and put these notions into practice under the guidance of Matterhorn Guides.

With this aim in mind, our Safety Clinic courses have been designed specifically for freeride skiers and ski tourers. During our instructional day course, participants combine the pleasure of exploring one of the most beautiful ski areas in the Alps under the guidance of an Alpine Guide with acquiring practical skills and theoretical know-how.
Each Clinic course lasts one day during which participants are taught how to analyse the most important factors before skiing off-piste and how to assess all the critical safety points in order to cut risk to a minimum.

Course participants learn: how to assess risk by observing the terrain and snow cover, how to act in the event of an avalanche, how to use a transceiver, probe and shovel, how to cross a particularly dangerous stretch of terrain safely with the aid of a rope and the techniques to employ on steep slopes, in addition to off-piste skiing skills.

1 PERSON : 370,00 €
2 PERSONS : 380,00 €
3 PERSONS : 390,00 €
4 PERSONS : 420,00 €
5 – 6 PERSONS : 90,00 € each

1 – 2 PERSONS : 280 €
3 – 4 PERSONS : 310 €
5 – 6 PERSONS : 70 € each

1 - 6


1 day

From December to May (depending on weather and snow conditions).

good level of ski on piste and snowboarding skills


Guide coaching, safety kit (transceiver, probe, shovel, harness, ABS)

Not included

Lift tickets and ski rental.